Exciting news! You've just extended the heartfelt invitation to your close friend to stand by your side as a bridesmaid. However, there's a shadow of apprehension as she envisions the upcoming role. While her affection and desire to support you are unwavering, the uncertainty of her wedding attire rests solely in your hands.

For those fortunate enough to not associate the term "bridesmaid dress" with memories of ill-fitting garments resembling shower curtains or avant-garde pastries, consider yourself in the minority. The enigma of bridesmaid dresses has puzzled experts and scholars alike. Universally acknowledged as a challenge, these dresses often evoke dismay—underscored even in the 2008 film "27 Dresses." Yet, brides consistently opt for shades like peculiar eggplant and necklines that seem more bitter than sweet for the women they hold dearest.

This enduring stereotype begs exploration. Two prominent theories surface: first, brides might choose unflattering gowns to avoid anyone overshadowing them. A discomforting prospect. The second, and more likely theory, is the complexity of finding a style that suits every member of the bridal party. What appears stunning in buttercup yellow amidst a floral arrangement might not translate on your fair English Rose bridesmaid. Similarly, a fitted cinched sheath skirt complements the bridesmaid fresh from her Adirondacks hiking trip, but it might not suit the one who recently became a mother. The truth is, each person and body is distinct, presenting a diverse array of preferences and shapes.

A shift in bridesmaid dressing has caught our attention. Traditional cookie-cutter silhouettes are no longer the preference for brides. Instead, they aim for individual comfort and personal elegance. This trend isn't just anecdotal; it seems this decade might break away from the matchy-matchy bridesmaid dress tradition. Aura Print UK's research indicates a TikTok viewership of over 5 million for "mismatched bridesmaid dresses" and a 9900% surge in Google searches this year alone. This new approach involves mixing and matching dresses to suit each bridesmaid's unique body and style, often collaboratively chosen by the bride and bridesmaids.

Just like any artistic endeavor, mastering the art of mismatched bridesmaid style demands meticulous attention. That's where we come in to assist. Discover how to ensure your bridesmaids adore the dresses they wear.

Choose Your Color Palette.
Opting for mismatched ensembles doesn't imply a haphazard approach. Provide your bridesmaids with a motif or color scheme to follow. They will appreciate having a direction. Let your existing wedding theme be the guiding factor—or perhaps select a complementary shade for the bridesmaids. Another option is assigning distinct hues that align with each girl's personal style.

Alternatively, Choose Your Prints and Patterns.
Embrace the bold side! No rule states that you must adhere to a single-hued design. Some brides have dared to grant their bridesmaids complete freedom with captivating floral patterns.

Craft a Pinterest Inspiration Board.
Although you're not dictating identical dresses, your vision remains intact. It could involve textures, lengths, or certain vibes. You might even be open to your bridesmaids wearing dresses they already own. A few brides shared their strategy of forming a mood board featuring dress silhouettes for their bridesmaids. Subsequently, their bridesmaids presented the bride with a selection of potential choices derived from the mood board.

Opt for Dresses by a Single Designer.
Although each dress within a collection possesses unique traits, an underlying cohesion will subtly manifest as the bridesmaids make their way down the aisle.

Perfect the Art of Blend and Balance.
Let's clarify – we don't entirely reject the idea of coordinated dresses. Certain brides have their bridesmaids discover identical silhouettes in varying colors or opt for the same colored dress in diverse silhouettes. There's room for creativity in how you wish to infuse unity into your bridesmaids' outfits.

Unifying Accessories for a Cohesive Touch.
Even if your bridesmaids don distinct dresses, consider adorning them with identical Jennifer Behr hairpins or Nicola Bathie earrings. The impact of a final touch should not be underestimated. (And these also serve as convenient bridesmaids' gifts...)

Opt for Styling Services.
Aside from bridal styling, Over The Moon provides consultation services for bridesmaids' styling. Relieve both you and your bridesmaids of stress by entrusting us to handle the rest.


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